whether it’s SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY, valentine’s day, christmas, or mother’s day – it seems like there is always a reason to be looking for gifts…

If you’re a gift perfectionist like me, then you know that gift-giving can be a stressful process…. But fret not, friends, I have compiled 4 different gifts that work for everyone in your life.

GIFTSEach of these gifts is more than just one singular item- they are all themed gift boxes. This is my favorite kind of gift giving because it allows you to go all out and give someone a whole bundle of things, that when put together are perfect for a particular activity. Some of these activities are for the gift recipient to do alone, but some work better when you (the gift giver) participate in the activity with the recipient.

Box #1 – Treat Yo Self

  • Contents: Lotion, Body Scrub, Chocolate, Face Mask, etc.
  • Occasion: Birthday / Valentine’s Day / Mother’s Day / Christmas / Just Because
  • Ideal Recipient: ‘Bestie’ / Parent / Sibling / Cousin /  Anyone who is into home spa stuff

Box #2 – Movie Night

  • Contents: Movies, Candy, Popcorn, Junk Food Snacks, etc.
  • Occasion: Anniversary/ Birthday / Valentine’s Day / Christmas / Any Holiday / Just Because
  • Ideal Recipient: Significant Other / ‘Bestie’ / Anyone who likes movie nights

Box #3 – Warm Up Your Belly Box

  • Contents: Mug, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Cookies, Brownies, etc.
  • Occasion: Christmas / Anniversary / Birthday / Valentine’s Day  / Any Holiday / Just Because
  • Ideal Recipient: Significant Other / ‘Bestie’ / Parent / Sibling / Any hot drink enthusiast

Box #4 – Kitchen Essentials

  • Contents: Ingredients for a meal (ideally you would put in anything necessary to make a specific meal, and then cook it together and make a whole thing of it).
  • Occasion: Anniversary / Valentine’s Day  / Birthday / Christmas / Any Holiday / Just Because
  • Ideal Recipient: Significant Other / Parent / ‘Bestie’ / All the foodies and chefs in your life

But no matter what gift you decide to give the people in your life – don’t forget the card! The card can make or break the present. Tired of boring cards? Try something more modern, like these emoji cards from Madelyn’s Etsy.

And don’t forget to write a heartfelt message on the inside of the card – this will amplify your gift giving game times a million.

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This post works in conjunction with the video “LIFE & SCHOOL TIPS: christmas khaleesi’s holday gift guide” posted on Girls Actually’s Youtube.

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