I’ll be the first to admit that I am completely addicted to binge watching tv shows. And today I’m going to talk about a show that I’ve binge watched more times than I can count — Gilmore Girls


Okay so if you’ve been living under a rock for the last fifteen years (or even just since  it was added to Netflix’s streaming services) Gilmore Girls is a TV show that came out in 2000.

But what makes it bingeable and addicting?

#1 Length of Seasons and Episodes

Before I binge watch a show I like to make sure that there is plenty of content to go through. And Gilmore Girls has plenty of content to go around… each episode is like 42 minutes long and there are 7 seasons. So if you were superhuman and you sat and watched every episode available back to back it would take you 6 days, and 9 hours to finish it.. But since you’re probably just a regular human it’s going to take you a couple weeks at least to finish it.

#2 Relatability

I think, for the most part, people want to watch a show that has relatable characters. Is Gilmore Girls relatable? Absolutely. I think a lot of people have related to these two over the years, because they’re expertly written, complex characters. But more on that in this post.

#3 Quality

Gilmore Girls‘ dialogue alone is off the charts. I think I could re-watch this show a million times and still not digest all of the pop culture references thrown in or keep pace with the quick banter – it is truly amazing, and incredible to watch.

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THIS POST is an expansion on the ideas explored in THE VIDEO “Pop Culture Talk: Gilmore Girls Review” POSTED ON GIRLS ACTUALLY’S YOUTUBE.

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