When we get stuck in negative cycles life becomes negative. It becomes increasingly more difficult to look on the bright side, or maybe even get out of bed in the morning.

Let’s be honest life is hard. School is hard. And people can be difficult. Sometimes its easy to feel like the pressure is too much. Like you can’t possibly be all that you and your parents and your friends and your teachers and your boss want you to be.

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of it. I’m over feeling sick and tired. I am ready to make steps towards a more positive life. And for me, that’s what this year is all about: Positivity!


So what I’ve written down what I’ve called my “steps to positivity” – maybe you relate to some of these, maybe you don’t — more than anything I hope to encourage you to look at your own life and if you’re not happy with the way things are, make the choices within your power to change it.

Steps to Positivity:

  • Feed your soul.

    Whether that means going to church, spending some time in nature, or reading books, do whatever it is that keeps you healthy on the inside.

  • Listen to positive music.

    SKIP THE SAD SONGS they will only make you sad! … Instead listen to Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kanye, or whoever makes you feel like a thousand bucks.

  • Engage with people.

    As a song once said “everybody needs somebody sometimes” even extremely introverted people need a good conversation every now and then.

  • Don’t be friends with jerks.

    Just because you need people does not mean you should stay around people who constantly lower your self-esteem and self-worth, if someone is making you feel bad don’t stay in contact with them.

  • Keep a regular sleep schedule.

    This one is hard but its also the most important. To be your best you need to feel your best and this can only be achieved when you’re well-rested.

So those are all of my steps towards positivity. They’re just small, tangible, and achievable goals that will help me walk towards having a positive life in 2015.

So if you take this journey with me, keep in mind that everyone’s steps are going to be different… we didn’t all start in the same place, some of you may have more steps and some of you may have just a couple. But how ever many steps you need to take, and whatever those steps may be – keep on stepping.

Don’t forget: You can do this. There are people who love you. I love you. The people who are close to you love you. But most of all, you should love you. You deserve a good life. Don’t accept anything less than a positive life from this point forward, and try not to fall into complacency and unhappiness. You can do this.

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This post works in conjunction with the video “LIFE & SCHOOL TIPS: Positivty in 2015” posted on Girls Actually’s Youtube.

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