Recently I was inspired to start a journal. I, like many before me, saw some incredible posts on Pinterest and thought ‘hey, I should do that!’

The ‘that’ which I am referring to of course is an “art journal” – inside my journal I am chronicling my 20th year on this earth.



If you’re following us on Pinterest, you may have noticed we recently created a board called “Chronicle” – WHICH IS THE HOME OF OUR JOURNALING INSPIRATION…

The process of me starting a journal was as follows:

1. Seeing amazing journal pages on Pinterest
2. Feelings of awe, wonder, and inspiration
3. Scouring the internet for journals (I love these from Amazon)
4. Buying supplies
5. Starting my scribblings

My birthday was a few weeks ago, and I really like the idea of chronicling my life as it is in this moment. This is the beginning of my third decade, and the end of my schooling experience (so far). By the time my next birthday rolls around and I begin my 21st year I will have graduated college and moved to a new city, so I want to make sure I have a record of my life at this point in time.

I, of course, keep a record digitally of my life through various social media like twitter and instagram, but there’s something different about having a tangible physical record of my 20th year that really excites me.

An added bonus that I have already discovered is that the process of journaling itself is very therapeutic. I find that it helps me relax and de-stress to journal about my day.

So far I’ve been keeping pages about my visions for next year, quotes from people who are important to me, and current favorites. As well as a record of my weeks like this example —

So I have begun my journaling journey, and I invite you along with me.

I may periodically post my journal pages to our Pinterest board, so if you’re at all interested in following my journey, be sure to follow that board.

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