Long distance relationships are tough, to say the least. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to ensure a prospering long distance relationship.

Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’re already in a seasoned relationship, or even, maybe you’ve got a new lover on the horizon (whose horizon happens to look a bit different than yours). Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered. In my past relationships, I’ve seen the best and worst, but long distance was always the most difficult to endure. However, it isn’t the end of the world. Here’s how I keep my long distance relationship afloat.

#1 — Get to Talking.

Communication is Key. Communication is important in any type of relationship, but it is essential when it comes to long distance. You two won’t be seeing much of each other, so conversation is the only way to keep it lively. Whether you are the queen of emojis or a FaceTime goddess, you should find the best method for conversation for the both of you.

(My faves: iMessage, Snapchat, and FaceTime)

#2 — Get Dedicated.

It’s a team effort. Being dedicated and committed to each other is crucial to a long distance relationship. Because you don’t spend tons of time face-to-face irl, it’s easy to forget to not flirt with the super cute cashier at American Apparel. This causes animosity to develop in the relationship and can be poisonous.

Just keep in mind your bae should really be before anyone else.

#3 — Get Crafty.

Snail mail goes a long way. Sending mementos, whether homemade or store bought, is sure to brighten your partner’s day. It shows them that you care and are thinking about them. This past Valentine’s Day was hard, seeing as I was in a long distance relationship, but my boyfriend made sure I was flooded with gifts and it made it so much more bearable (see what I did there “bearable” hehe).

#4 — Get Comfy.

Make sure to reassure. Being there for each other is important, even when you can’t be there. Reassure your long distance lover that you care about them. Maybe this looks like sending them an extra-long good morning text. One of the things I’ve done is write a list of all the reasons, both serious and silly, that I love my boyfriend, and share it with him via Google Docs; I periodically add to the list and he can view it at any time. It’s a great way to express my affection even though he is miles away.

#5 — Get ‘Appy.

Apps for long distance. We live in a technological age *hallelujah emoji* which makes long distance relationships easier to endure. Here’s a list I’ve compiled of great apps I personally use for long distance.

  • AvocadofreeiPhone  Android  Web | Avocado is a super cute app that has a private messenger, shared calendar, and shared photo album. (You can also send adorable little virtual hugs and kisses).
  • Withoutfree | iPhone | Without lets you send selfies with quick love notes with just one tap. It also uses low energy bluetooth to recognize when you are together. It provides a count of how many days you’ve been apart, and gives the location, time, and weather of your significant other.
  • Glidefree |  iPhone  Android  Apple Watch | Glide is a video message app that works at real time. You can watch live feed of your boo’s day at work, or have a video convo when you’re too tired to type.
  • Skypefree | iPhone  Android | Free video chat! (c’mon, who doesn’t know what Skype is.)

#6 — Get Some Popcorn.

Google Hangouts movie nights. One of the worst things about long distance is feeling like you’ll never be in a normal relationship. You can’t go out on dates, you can’t spontaneously show up at each other’s houses, you can’t have Netflix movie nights together… or maybe you can? Next time you feel like binge-watching your favorite show with your favorite person, just open Netflix, call them over Google Hangouts, and use the ‘Screenshare’ option and choose full screen. You’ll be able to see and hear the movie, as well as each other (because for real how are you not supposed to comment about OITNB together??!?)

#7 — Get Organized.

Schedule time to be together. If distance makes the heart grow fonder, then time together must make the heart go crazy! If at all possible, work out both your schedules, and save up for a flight (or gas) to visit your sweetheart.

#8 — Get There.

The finish line will come. Most long distance relationships are not terminally long distance. You may be apart for a season of life, but you must always remember it is a season.

It might be hell, but you’ll get through it, I promise.

(Shout out to my wonderful poopyface of a boyfriend, ERIC, who FaceTimed me while I was writing this to make sure my anecdotes were correct.)

are you in a long distance relationship? Comment below with any tips you’ve picked up along the way.


  1. I did a year-long working holiday in Canada, and met my boyfriend while I was there. 3 months after we got together, I had to go back home (NZ) to live. We did long distance for 14 months before he moved here to be with me, and it was harder than I thought but also EASIER than I thought. I’ve done a couple of other long-distance relationships, but this was by far the easiest as I trust him 100%. We talked every day, sent photos of our day, and had a daily countdown for when we would be together again. We saw each other every 3 months, and we did what we could! 4 months ago he moved here and we’ve got a nice little life together! The best advice I ever got was “yeah, it sucks in the beginning, but you get used to the new normal pretty quickly, and it goes by so fast”. I didn’t believe it at first but it’s true!

  2. I’m in a long distance relationship and I know whatever happens love conquers all. But what I did was, I got a small notepad and wrote a lot of encouraging words for my boyfriend. When it all started I didn’t believe He will be this important to me and I asked him to take it around wherever he goes. I express my feeling to him not everyday but I know whatever we say when we are on the phone we know how much love we’ve shared over the past 6 to 7months we’ve been together, I tell him with honesty that I would know how it’ll be if I don’t end up with him and he said it’ll be tough but both of us are positive . It’s been a while I told him I love you but on my birthday, though I didn’t know he would surprise me, I told him he is the best and I love him. But to my surprise at sunset I got a call from Someone and I was really surprised and I rushed home from my little market survey and I got a surprise birthday cake. I miss him and I love him and I wish long distance relationships didn’t exist. Please I have a blog where I post health tips on food, but I hope to include love quotes and inspirations. I love love and I love to express it. My blog is insidemidahstories.blogspot.com
    Thank you

  3. I’m having my first experience with a long distance relationship, and it is going so great! She is the first girl that I ever dated, and the first one that I started to love. Maybe some of you will say that I’m just saying, idk how to explain but I always avoided this kind of feeling and always avoided a relationship.
    But my girlfriend made me change A LOT haha, her personality, character and beauty, the way that she cares about me, the way that she is always asking about if I’m good or how I’m feeling damn these thing made me fell in love with her! And yeah the long distance is the biggest difficulty but I’m sure that we will overcome it! Cuz we both know that it will be worth it, so yeah we will fight for it! And when I say that is LONG DISTANCE relationship haha it really is she is from Croatia and I’m from Brazil(that’s why I’m a bit bad in english and she is helping me btw hah) So yeah even the 5 hours difference in your time zone can’t avoid our real love. I’m really happy with our relationship, she makes me be myself you know, I’ve never had to hide any shit, cuz she really loves who I am, I feel the same way I love who she is and that’s it.
    And hey don’t be an assh*le to your partner! Remember loyalty, trust and confidence are the most important thing in a relationship! So act like a MAN or a WOMAN with your partner and I’m sure that you will have a great relationship in person or by distance. Remember be always true with your partner.

    Eu te amo Cacau

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