You know you’re not a morning person when (a) you hit snooze 18 times before finally getting up (b) you want to punch anyone who talks to you before your first cup of coffee (c) all of the above.

If you (like me) are not naturally a morning person — here are some tips to help you make the most of your mornings.

#1 – Wake up earlier.

I know, I know: the last thing anyone wants to do is to wake up earlier than they have to but trust me on this one. I used to wake up with just enough time to get ready and run out of the door — but I always felt so disheveled and unprepared.

By waking up early you give yourself adequate time to physically wake up as well as mentally prepare for the coming day.

#2 – Lay out your clothes the night before.

Every good day starts with proper preparation.

Picking out what I’m going to wear is always an event for me. It involves changing multiple times and occasionally stress-crying because I just can’t decide.

Choosing to lay out my clothes the night before helps to alleviate this issue in the morning. This way I don’t end up being late and/or flustered because it took me way to long to decide what to wear.

Plus picking my outfit the night before gives me plenty of time to browse Pinterest for inspiration:

#3 – Drink a cup of tea.

A cup of tea a day keeps the worries at bay.

I start (almost) every morning with a cup of green tea with lemon and it is the perfect kick-start to the day.  In addition to the health benefits of green tea it is also incredibly soothing — a natural chemical called theanine found in green tea can provide a calming effect.

#4 – Eat Breakfast.

Make time for the most important meal of the day.

While it can be easier to skip the meal and grab a cup of coffee on your way out the door, it is worth it to find the time to sit down and eat. Eating breakfast will give you more energy, increased concentration, and helps set the tone for the rest of your day.

If you’re in need of some breakfast inspiration check out our “Wake” Pinterest board:

And if you’re in a rush, feel free to grab that cup of coffee — just grab a protein bar as well.

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