I couldn’t tell you how it happened but somehow in my junior year I was connected with a modeling agency. After two photo shoots I had modeling cards with my name on them.

Growing up I was always skinny and tall. My dad used to have pet names for me about my long skinny legs. I entered into my teen years and was still what some might call a bean pole. Yet people always told me how pretty I was and I believed them. I knew I was blessed with enough looks that I chose not to wear make up like all my friends.

When I started high school I made the Junior Varsity cheerleading squad. All the pretty girls are cheerleaders right? I will admit that was a confidence booster for me. However, I was still so shy that I was not a popular girl even being a cheerleader.

My modeling name was Manda. I got to travel down to Miami and visit modeling agencies presenting them with my card. My first job was as a model for a car dealership during a one time event. I was even able to walk the runway in a fashion show. Even during all of this, I couldn’t imagine that my looks could actually get me somewhere in life.

Because of these three things I chose to end my modeling career, one year after I began.

Even though my modeling stint was brief, I have never regretted my decision. I am happy exactly where I am in my life as a Mom and Pastor’s Wife.

#1 — I Didn’t Want To Compromise My Modesty.

I had to do a photo shoot that required me to wear a bikini.

This may not seem like a big deal to you but it was to me. I knew to make it big you would have to do whatever it took and I couldn’t be that person. I saw pictures of models wearing barely any clothes at all and I knew that that couldn’t be me. I didn’t want to fly all over the world for someone to tell me what to wear and more importantly what not to wear. I didn’t want to be someone’s hanger.  I did not feel like God would want me to use my body in this way.

#2 — I Lost My Personal Life.

I met my now-husband during our senior year of high school.

All of my time was spent planning a future with him. I began to wonder how modeling would fit into that future. With modeling you had to be where they wanted you when they wanted you. It meant missing out on a lot of fun teenage events. This was an important time in my life that I was making big decisions and modeling was just not working in with my social and family life.

#3 — I Realized The Danger Of Misplaced Values.

Modeling did give me a boost in confidence but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

I always thought it was my looks that got me what I wanted or needed in life. As I got older my looks faded. I am not saying I am not a beautiful person because what I perceive of beauty is different now. But I do not look like I did when I was 17. I struggled with this for a long time. It has taken me years to begin to learn what real beauty is. Real beauty comes from God residing in my heart. It comes through my actions and how I love my family. My looks may fade but to God I am His creation. I am worth something.

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