Let’s be real, Dating in college is no walk in the park. At times, it can feel like a confusing mess. So let’s talk about some common issues facing college kids today + their possible solutions.

I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary of graduating college, and it has me looking back on my overall college experience. Though most of it was positive, I did experience some not-so-fun times, most of which were related to dating.

I wish I would’ve had someone to give me advice during my four years at college, I’m here today to talk about the 2 main problems I faced, and the simple solutions that would have helped.


Problem 1: Lack of face-to-face communication

The days of asking someone on a date in person, and even meeting in person, seem to have died away. Avenues like texting, Snapchat and dating apps have taken over and formed a world where we no longer have to interact with someone in the traditional sense. And there’s just something about being asked on a date over text that feels so… impersonal.

Solution 1: Get out of your comfort zone

Even if everyone around you is resorting to texting their crush or sending flirty Snapchats, dare to be different! Go up and talk to that cutie at the bar, or make small talk with the person sitting behind you in class. You don’t have to settle for cyber communication 100% of the time! Trust me, you’ll feel much more proud of yourself for nailing your witty banter if you can actually see their reaction. Plus, this sets the stage for them to realize that they should actually talk to you irl instead of relying on texting.


Problem 2: “Dates” have been replaced by “Netflix and Chill”

The disappointing lack of actual dates involved in the world of college dating was something my friends and I picked up on early on. I entered college with the idea that I would find my perfect match right away, and in reality, I didn’t go on a single date the entire year. I believe the reason for this is pure laziness. It is much easier for someone to text you “wanna watch a movie tonight?” than it is for them to actually put in the effort to make a dinner reservation or buy tickets to a movie.

SOLUTION 2: Set your expectations from the beginning

Let’s face it, we all love feeling special, and we just don’t feel as special sitting on a couch watching Netflix as we do when we’re treated to a nice dinner. People can be pretty clueless, so you have to let them know what you expect! If they suggest watching TV at their place, counter that offer with a more fitting suggestion like going out to dinner. If they don’t seem interested, who cares? Move on to the next person who will understand how to treat you right.


Have you experienced either of these first-hand? Have some other situations you want Shelly’s advice on? Talk to us! Comment below + let us know.

Meet The Guest Blogger, Shelly Crossland:

“Social media community manager by day, blogger by night. I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember, and I started my blog Shelly Ray a few years ago to talk about my experience studying abroad. Nowadays I ramble about things happening in my life, such as starting my first full-time job and being in a long distance relationship. If I can inspire and/or amuse at least one person, then I will be happy! “

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  2. I agree with both of these problems! It’s insane how much technology has changed the way we meet people, and what we do. I met my husband through mutual friends, and although now we often stay in (ten years later) because we have a daughter, we did go out a lot. It’s fun to reach the point where you can hangout at home, but when you first start getting to know someone it’s a lot better to go out.

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