When you’re in school it’s stressful to juggle your school work, job, campus involvement, social life and keep a healthy relationship.

The key is good communication, an understanding of the other’s responsibilities, and like-minded goals.

Some people choose not to be in a relationship in school because they think it will be too much work, but it’s possible I promise. How? There are 3 ways to make this possible, and if you are already in a relationship then you can start using these tips now.

#1 – Good Communication Skills

When you’re growing a relationship it is important to communicate.

Tell each other everything. If your partner does something that you don’t like, tell them and vice versa.

Communicating isn’t just about expressing your feelings, it’s about letting each other know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. When you establish good communication you establish trust and trust will build that relationship. Just be open and comfortable about everything. You should be able to tell your partner everything. If something is stressing me out or if I’m super excited about something the first person I tell is my boyfriend. Your partner will know what to say to you, they know what makes you smile, and they will want to celebrate with you.

So I challenge you to sit down with your partner and have a conversation about communicating with each other and you’ll see a difference in your relationship.

#2 – Understand Your Responsibilities

Outside of your relationship you have a life, and it’s important that both you and your partner understand that.

When you’re in a relationship, you probably want to spend all your time with each other. Whether you’re an athlete or are heavy in your academics, your schedule is going to be busy; most of the time you’re either at practice or you are at a study session.

If you’re busier than your partner or vice versa, then it’s essential for you to make time for them. Text, Facetime, or call them in between tasks.

#3 – Have Like-Minded Goals

When you’re in a relationship it’s important that you’re growing together. This will make your relationship stronger.

If you and your partner can understand what each other is going through, then you can help each other. My boyfriend and I are both in college and we both have part-time jobs. So when I’m super tired after doing all my homework for my classes and having to work, he can relate to me plus it gives us something to talk about.

When you are with someone you become one – it is no longer just you. You have to be sure that the other person in the relationship is “on the same level as you.”



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