If you’re anything like me, you’ll have noticed that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) hits its peak at this time of the year.

Whenever I’m having ‘one of those days’, a few snaps of someone’s tropical holiday or their back garden dinner party is enough to tip me over the edge. It’s definitely enough to make us feel like our afternoon walk in the park isn’t nearly as cool as what everyone else is doing.

FOMOPart of the lifestyle of this crazy digital world that we live in is that you can get and see things in an instant. You can see what your friends are doing, who they’re with, and even how they’re feeling all throughout the day. And if they’re doing something you believe to be better or more exciting than you, you instantly feel a hint of jealousy. This is very real for so many of us.

Here’s the thing – FOMO might just seem like a funny, coined term that people throw around the online world. But it can actually have serious effects on our health. Engrossing yourself in what other people are doing leads to more stress, worry and a big decrease in our self-belief. So we need to figure out how to take a step back and look at FOMO in a completely different light. All you need is these three steps.

Step #1 — Step Back From It

Let’s paint a picture. Say there’s something going on, like a trip your friends have gone on that you weren’t able to make. Would you check Snapchat or Instagram every few minutes just so you could keep up with everything that was going on? This is usually a sign that you need a break from social media. It’s usually better if you can avoid the problem altogether.

There’s an even better way to beat FOMO. Be completely intentional and present within your life. That way, you won’t even consider things other people are doing that you might be missing out on.

In order for FOMO not to affect you, you need to be happy in your life. Create memories. Appreciate everything. Be with the people around you. Buy experiences, not just things. Do things for you. Follow your heart. If you’re really living, FOMO won’t stand a chance of getting in your way.

Step #2 — Reduce The Way It Affects You

Sometimes we can’t help it – FOMO will take over. But what you can do is be prepared for when that happens, and this starts with your mindset.

The key is to not give FOMO more time and attention than it deserves. The worst thing you can do is let it take over your mind and start believing that you’re not cool/popular/pretty/confident/fun – the list goes on. You must trust yourself, where you are in your life and what you have right now. You’re in this place for a purpose. Remember that.

Step #3 — Get Back Up

The easiest way to bring yourself back up when you’ve been suffering from FOMO is to be grateful.

Start a gratitude journal. Every morning or every evening, note down three things you’re grateful for, whether it be something you’ve seen, somewhere you’ve been or someone you’ve spent time with. It sounds simple, but this is the best way to change your mindset from negative to positive. It’ll help FOMO disappear almost as quickly as it arrived.

These tips may sound simple, but hopefully they’ll help you push past the fear of FOMO. To recap, here are the main things you need to do once you’ve finished reading this post:

  • Try stepping back from social media (possibly cut down on how much you use it)
  • Have daily affirmations so you believe in yourself and your ability every single day
  • Start a daily gratitude journal

What you have in your life now is enough. Don’t waste your time wishing for things other than what you have. Only you have the power to make changes. If you’re embracing where you are right now, you’ll enjoy your life so much more.

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