What if I told you that I could make applying to college a breeze for you? No more worrying about misplacing papers or missing deadlines. This College Organizational Binder will make the whole process so much simpler.

First you’ll need to purchase an expandable file folder to keep all your papers in one place. Once you’ve got your folder, the next step is to label your tabs and file your papers appropriately. Here are the 10-tabs that I recommend you use:

Tab #1 — Research

Here you will store all of your research on colleges, scholarships, and careers. Don’t be shy and explore all of your options.

Tab #2 — Resume

In this tab store multiple copies of your academic resumes for easy access. This way you do not have to print one every time you need to send one in an application.

Tab #3 — Essays

Do not keep more than one copy of each essay in this tab. Keep essays on a flash drive or dropbox.com because you may have to edit each essay to make it more directed to the specific scholarship you are applying to.

Tab #4 — ACT/SAT

Keep a copy of your ACT/SAT scores in this tab so that you don’t have to look them up each time you apply for something. But make sure that it is a COPY so that you do not lose your originals.

Tab #5 — Letters of Recommendation

Keep at least two copies of EACH letter of recommendation that you receive. Almost all of your college/university applications will ask for one of these.

Tab #6 —List

Keep an ongoing list of scholarships and colleges that you apply for so that you can keep track of whether they contact you or not. This will also make it easy for you to check each one off as you apply as well.

Tab #7 —Apply

This tab is where you store all of your applications that you need to fill out. Leave the applications in this tab until you finish filling the information out, then move them to either the NEED $ tab or the MAIL tab.

Tab #8 — Need $$

Put the applications that require an application fee in this tab until you have the money to put in them (NEVER USE CASH). After inserting the money in the envelope, put in the mail tab until you take a trip to the post office.

Tab #9 —Mail

Keep all of your completed applications until you are ready to mail them.

Tab #10 —Mail

Here you can store all of your online log-in information. Some scholarships require you to make an account and it is hard to keep track of all of them. Simply write it all down. For example: “name of scholarship”: username/email/password.

Do you have any other college application tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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