Founder | Online Presence Manager + Digital Content Creator

Madelyn is a recent Journalism grad, freelance Graphic Designer, & full-time Social Media Manager whose life plan is to write, travel, watch tv, and drink tea. If it was somehow possible to merge Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon into one person, the result would be Madelyn. Most of her time is spent online on twitter and instagram where she rambles about life and her love of television.
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Digital Content Creator

Alyssa is a college freshman. All she wants to do in life ranges from Criminal Justice, Psychology, or teaching, so it is all still up in the air. 
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Digital Content Creator

Calli is a Journalism grad in Chicago. Her daily life entails scoping out the latest trends & picking up paychecks via her job at Gap
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Assistant Online Presence Manager + Digital Content Contributor

Abigail is a Photography student in Detroit whose favorite things include feminism, making art, and all things pastel. Her personality falls somewhere between Frida Kahlo and Kelly Kapoor. You can find her kayaking, snacking on mangoes, or on instagram where she obsesses over her maintaining her feed theme.
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